Negotiation Techniques for Young Artists

When an opportunity presents itself, seize it right away.

State the fact of the matter.

Show them the advantages, don’t just tell.

Remember: it’s about value, not price.

Sustain your argument with real world examples.

The Unwise Artist

A long time ago I had two of my wisdom teeth removed. At that time I asked the dentist if I should have the other two taken out as well. He said it wasn’t necessary because if they hadn’t bothered me up to that point, they might never even fully develop. They did, of […]

I have a blog!

I never had a blog before.

Not that I didn’t want one. I just never had the time.

I know this seems like the lamest excuse since “the dog ate my homework”, but it is the absolute truth, I’m telling ya.

Up until 2016 I worked 12 hours a day 7 days a week and […]