My “Wrongness”

To be weird happy.

To have fun learning how to do new things and then doing them.

This is what being a geek is all about.

1 + 2 + 3 = :)

I am the only person I know that, as a kid, was ever scolded by a teacher for studying a subject without her permission.

Two weeks into first grade, things went down more or less like this:

– “What do you mean you finished the book? Who told you to do that? What is wrong with you?
Now, what will I do with you for the rest of the semester?”

– “I could read another one”, I suggested, naïvely, which only added to the teacher’s distress.

She decided to punish me by making me practice what I just learned a hundred times.

I loved it!

Aside from addition and subtraction, that day I also learned that applied students, who were unpopular with their peers,
at least were loved by their teachers due to their good and proper behavior.

By being a geek and learning math for fun, I managed to be unpopular with everybody!

: P

Luckily for me, outside from school, my addiction to learning doesn’t seem to bother anyone.